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Jam Games and Prototypes

This section is for games either hacked out rapidly, or were designed as prototypes. I'll try to post brief descriptions of the projects as well as screenshots, ideas, etc.

CenterOfInfluence Center Of Influence
This is another game created for the Interactive Experience course at USC. The idea of this game is that you can influence other planets matching your base color by having them orbit around you. Doing this allows you to reposition those planets near their neighbors to cause a balancing influence between the two. If you change all the planets to a single color the universe just becomes a little more monotonous.

The game can be downloaded as a standalone for Mac here: Center Of Influence.

Brutal Brutal
This game was made for the Interactive Experience and World Building course I am taking at USC. The theme was "Parasites" and had to involve the prompt of "Sound." The basic idea is: shout into your computer's mic to send your character on an epic death-metal killing spree.

The game can be downloaded as a standalone for both Mac and Windows here: Brutal.

BonsaiBridge Bonsai Bridge
This game was made for the Interactive Experience and World Building course I am taking at USC. The theme was "Gardening" and had to involve the prompt of "Shapes." I wanted to make a game that involved pruning a Bonsai tree to strategically reach your goals. It's a juxtaposition of relaxation and stress.

The game can be downloaded as a standalone for both Mac and Windows here: Bonsai Bridge.

Sound Shepherd
I made Sound Shepherd in order to test out the idea of procedurally generating assets based on properties of the music playing. The clouds turn back and forth based on the beat of the music, the loudness of the music spawns leaves, and their starting location from the center of the tree is based on the frequency in the audio spectrum. While it's difficult to get extreme accuracy when processing audio, it's either easy enough to fake or not actually necessary.
Binary Opposition Binary Opposition (Ludum Dare 27)
I made this fighting game for LD 27's "10 Seconds" themed jam. All the action takes place on a single axis, which is why I refer to this game as a 1D fighter. Grab a friend and get ready for some fast-paced gameplay.

The game can be downloaded here, you'll need Processing to run it BinaryOpposition.

Lost in Space
This platformer prototype was developed for the experimental gameplay project's Sifteo cubes competition ( I wanted to make a platformer game with floaty controls using the accelerometers as a means of input. In addition, I wanted the viewports on the 3 cubes to be independent of one another in order to allow the viewing of space more intuitive. Check out the gameplay in the video to the left.

The game can be downloaded here, but you'll need a siftulator (part of the sifteo developer kit) to run it: LostInSpace.elf.

SangokushiTaisenPinball Sangokushi Taisen Pinball
I made this prototype for the Intermediate game development course for the "make a pinball game" assignment. My idea was to capture the feel of a game like Sangokushi Taisen in which players move cards on a map in order to reposition their troops. The "flippers" (which are the elongated cubes) are controlled by the player to reflect the pinball away from their own base and towards their enemies. Ideally, this game would be played on an iPad for the tactile feel of directing the flippers to their position.

You can play it here: Sangokushi Taisen Pinball.

Sunblock Sunblock
Sunblock was created as a collaborative effort between Chris Barakian, Bryan Edelman, Ali Timnak, and myself for the Indie Speed Run ( The idea we wanted to convey was that the umbrella that protects your character can also be used as an attack, but as a cost. By fighting the tanned beach guys you'll burn and become one of them. As with other platformers, make it to the end and you'll have the comfortable shade of home.

You can play it here: Sunblock.

PsychoTherapist PsychoTherapist (Ludum Dare 25)
This game was created for Ludum Dare 25: You are the Villain. Play as a psychotherapist using the movements of your watch to drive the voices from your head into your patient. Last as long as you can to drive them as mad as you are.

You can download a zipped windows version of the game here: PsychoTherapist.

What Cubes May Come What Cubes May Come
This game was created as part of USC's gamejam with the theme of Dreams. We wanted to convey the idea that dreams have more dimensionality, but are more abstract. While the real world is more limited, but also more concrete.

You can play a web version of the game by clicking here: What Cubes May Come.

FAIRness FAIRness 2: more fairer
I made this game during USC's Ethics game jam. It's purpose was to address the competitive nature of gamers while forcing them to cooperate in order to complete their goal. Without "coopertition" the computer player will win, and by cooperating the players are able to establish their own rules for what is fair.

You can download a zipped windows version of the game here: FAIRness 2: more fairer.

InspectorScreenshot Inspector Spacetime
Inspector Spacetime (homage to Community) is a game I developed while coding with friends in Summer of 2012. The theme we were working on for the week was....Spacetime! And in this game the player is able to use their portal-like gun to grab objects in spacetime and place them back into the world where they like. The objects pulled into the spacetime gun maintain their mass, speed, and other properties all of which are immediately returned when placed back in the environment. The reason I didn't continue with the project was because I felt there were too many mechanical similarities to the game Snapshot which you can find here: Snapshot

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