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Colonization is a board game prototype that I designed to give players the sense that they are exploring space through the placement of tiles. While many games feature tile placement as part of their board design, few use it in the sense of exploring an unknown frontier. The basic premise of the gameplay is that the world the players start on is overcrowded and polluted beyond any reasonable level (hence why there is massive amounts of debris in the space you will be exploring). You're given the task to colonize as many planets as you can and prepare for an incoming alien invasion.

Seeing as Colonization was designed to be a prototype I focused mainly on the art and design of the board rather than the rules of the game. Various pictures will be posted of the tiles created as well as how the board would look throughout the game. The board itself consists of 30 tiles to explore including planets, various events, special tiles, and debris that allows players to strategize how they will move through space. As for the rest of the game I've including black dice with white speckles (to match the star patterns on the board), player models, the rules, and tokens to keep track of various events.

For those who are very curious as to the rules: shoot me an e-mail at and I'll send over the most recent (severely lacking playtesting) rules. As I'm sure you can tell from the picture below it gets very complicated :)

Main Screen

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