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Main Screen Radiosity Model

Sonance is a game I worked on with a small team of developers in the Game Design and Programming course offered at Rutgers University in Spring 2012. The team (calling ourselves team "Resonant Evil") consisted of Christian Dugenio, Justin Rokisky, Fenil Sevak, and myself (Dennis McGrogan).

It was a great project to work on. We met often, and within the first month we had a working copy of the game that held the core of the gameplay. In the following weeks we would radically change the visuals in the game including theming on the models, the visualizer on the player (as well as enemies), and the audio spectrum. We felt that the most recent changes to the visuals better captured the essence of the game: minimalism that can deliver an extra sense to music without interrupting its experience.

The visuals are intended to visualize the music better, but more so just to be an interactive experience when listening to your favorite playlists. Check out the pictures to get a sense of the overall look and be sure to play the game. Download the version appropriate for your OS and make sure to read the readme.txt (downloads are on the left side of this page near the top menu). Feel free to leave comments/suggestions or contact me at, we'd love to hear back from you!

Check out our post-mortem as well as some pics from the development process here.

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