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Defrag Gameplay Defrag Screenshot

Defrag is a minimalist top-down shooter designed with a mechanic that allows players to walk through walls when they aren't spotted by another player. It's designed to play with the idea that cheating could be considered a part of the game, while still providing a satisfying experience to all players involved.

Our team created Defrag as a collaborative effort between University of Southern California's Games program and Berklee College of Music during the Spring of 2013. Enjoy the game with friends, or other (mostly) anonymous people that may be playing.

Defrag Gameplay Trailer

Below is the gameplay audio for Defrag by Ryan Barndt

Design and Programming
Dennis Mcgrogan - D at
Ali Timnak - timnak at

Insoo Choi - insooc at
Alec McNamara - asmcnama at

Ryan Barndt - rbarndt at
Davey Frew

Special Thanks
Peter Brinson
Mark Essen

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If you have any feedback, or if the game breaks for whatever reason, send over a message.

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