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Asana - Project management software that seems to work well for short, iterative development software lifecycles. It's easy to add tasks, assign them teammates, get e-mail reminders of deadlines, and track tasks that need to be completed.

Lightweight Java Game Library - Easy to set up interface for OpenGL using Java. Perfect bare-bone structure to take care of setting up the animated view as well as providing a nice interface to OpenGL functions.

Game Maker - Nice environment to hack up quick 2D game prototypes. The GUI makes it easy to quickly work on a prototype, but the lack of debugging makes it prohibitive for larger projects.

Thinking in Systems - An absolutely amazing book that presents insights on how to think about the interactions of different systems in your game design. It was written as a means to think about systems in general, and applies to many facets of life.

More resources to come soon! If there's anything you'd like to suggest, whether it be games or books, please e-mail me at

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